Coil Accelerator

This is the first commercially available Coil accelerator. Our model uses electromagnetism to rapidly ACCELERATE a ferrous disk at incredibly high cyclic rates.

We are bringing to market the first-ever commercially available, mass-produced coil accelerator, but what makes this unit unique is not simply its availability but the many features. For starters it is compact. Do a quick google search, this is not the only one out there, but we challenge you to find one this compact and feature-packed. The CA-09 is magazine-fed. It is magazine-fed because it fires at rates up to 2400 rounds per minute. No one else can do that. Full stop.

We are a small company in Illinois with a passion for new technology and ideas. Although this is not the first coil accelerator ever made, not by a long shot. It is however the best. Hands down most viable, practical, available, fun, and value. They are selling faster than we can assemble them so order now.

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